Saturday, October 17, 2009

Touch a Truck Day

What a fun and low-cost way to entertain a lot of kids. Get all the public services and some private companies to loan the use of their vehicle for four hours. Put them all in a parking lot and let little kids get up close to the machinery that fascinates them. For even more effect, have the drivers there in uniform and allow the kids to honk the horn or speak into the police speaker. The handouts of coloring books, crayons, stickers and plastic firefighter or hard hats were a bonus.

We spent $3.50 on a pretzel, but could have gone without spending anything. Our little guy got to sit in a tractor, walk through the back of an ambulance, activate the siren on a police car, see how high a fire ladder or a tree trimmer ladder can extend. I climbed into some machinery with him that I don’t even know what it is called.

At only 22 months old, our son was clearly excited to drive a tractor. I look forward to future years, when he can scamper a bit more onto the vehicles that interest him most. Thanks to the sponsors of this event – it’s a great idea.