Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Mexico City Highlights

This is brief, because my visit was brief.  But I expect I’ll be return and will update this with future finds.  Here are a few things I particularly enjoyed:

1.              The parks.  In particular, a block along the Paseo de la Reforma that is lined with statues.  

2.              Coyoacan and the market.  Coyoacan is a beautiful, tree-lined area, with colorful older buildings, a historic elegance and a tranquil atmosphere.  The market is fun to walk through and the food stalls in the center of the market looked very appetizing. Unfortunately I didn’t time my visit to align with a meal, but I hope to do so in the future.

3.              The architecture.  There is beautiful architecture to admire in Mexico City.  I particularly enjoyed a red and blue building that looked as though it had been constructed from Legos, a purple building with an orange spiral staircase on an upper floor, and a building with open space built into the translucent structure about two thirds of the way up.

4.              Street food.  Food booths are everywhere, particularly around mass transit stations and markets.  You don’t have to go far to find a good taco, quesadilla or soup.  Look at where the others are going and try a bite of the local culinary scene.  One random find I particularly enjoyed was the Birreria y Taqueria Lupita, where friendly staff pressed fruit into juices and made tacos in full view of customers.