Sunday, April 03, 2005

back in Kyrgyzstan

I'm back in Kyrgyzstan after a two week vacation. Missed the takeover of the Osh airport and government administration building by three days. Bishkek is calm. I head to Osh tomorrow. I'll be updating this blog within the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Weeeew, I'm relieved.
Can't wait to learn your reaction to the events.

have you se it coming?


ACW said...

Whew. Welcome back ... glad to hear you're OK.

jj said...

I'll be posting my impressions of post-revolution Kyrgyzstan in the coming days.

I just now posted several entries I wrote between late February and mid-March (sometimes I'm unfortunately not able to post until a while after I've actually written the entry). These provide some indications of the tensions as they developed. I did see something developing, but didn't expect nearly such a dramatic result, nor so quickly.