Friday, April 28, 2006

Leaving Bishkek again in uncertainty

April 28, 2006

I am once again leaving Bishkek during a security warning. I’m planning to spend the three-day weekend continuing my bicycle journey around Issyk-Kul. Today a warning came out from the German embassy, saying they expected tomorrow’s protests to be peaceful, but warning citizens that grocery stores may be closed and they should plan their personal supplies.

When I told our receptionist I’m heading to Issyk-Kul, she told me to be careful.

“I heard from someone in Cholpon-Ata that people are coming to Bishkek and that some of them have guns,” she said.

“Then I suppose it’s you who should be careful in Bishkek,” I said.

All of the political maneuverings and associated criminal elements is pretty ugly. It makes me sad to feel that the stability for the majority of good, peaceful people is threatened by a few. I prefer to be out in the rural areas where such problems seem very far away.

It’s already full-fledged summer. The temperature today is expected to reach 97 degrees (36 Celsius). Poplar seeds float through the air, flying into car windows, into bicyclists faces and skid along the ground in light, white masses.

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Frances Mackay said...

I just noticed your blog site on the bottom of your letter JJ. What an interesting read. I reall will come back. I thought you were back home and writing memoirs. This makes yur writing even more interesting. All the best. Frances.