Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Blizzard

In my last weeks in Kyrgyzstan, I waited anxiously for a nice snowstorm that would enable me to hit the wonderful Kyrgyz ski slopes one last time. But the spring weather persisted until my very last day in Bishkek, when a big storm hit, making the 5-hour nighttime drive to the Almaty airport an icy and dangerous ride.

And the snow follows me. Just after I arrived in MN, a major snowstorm hit. Three days until the wedding and we are blanketed with swirling, nonstop snow.

What’s amazing about MN is first – that the home airlines, Northwest, kept the runways open and the incoming flights coming, even with the many inches of snow. United Airlines, not based in the area, cancelled all flights. And people went on with their lives. We went to the shopping mall, then out for lunch, then to the gym. And plenty of people were there – going to the stores, going out to eat, driving their giant vehicles on the freeway (at a speed of about 28 miles per hour), even working out, despite the miserable weather.

In the morning, my dad shoveled 1.5 inches off the driveway. When we left, the snowplows were coming through the neighborhood. A few hours later, we returned, and there were several more inches on the driveway. Enough to have to gun the car to get it up to the garage. The shovelers and the plowers had to redo their work. And this will happen again tomorrow morning and perhaps again in the afternoon.

It’s actually quite beautiful, and as long as people are still able to make it, they will see a typical Minnesota scene. But over 10% of our guests backed out today. We’re crossing our fingers for a warm and beautiful celebration within a snowy world.

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chanchow said...

Congrats again on your nuptials. It must've been lovely having a white wedding!