Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Approaching Independence Day

Independence day is coming up next Monday and the city is getting ready. There is going to be a military parade in Santa Cruz. The black graffiti sprawled across the city walls, usually criticizing President Evo Morales, is now criticizing the military as well. In the street medians, small entrepreneurs sell flags. The red, yellow and green cloths, waving in the wind, add a nice color to the city. Today I saw two workers lifting a large flag up the tall Christ statue in a traffic roundabout.

I’m taking advantage of the three-day weekend to visit some far-away Jesuit churches on the Mission Circuit. It will be a full weekend, including two all-night bus trips. But it’s my own chance to see this part of Bolivia. I only have four weekends left.

The sun is cautiously emerging and in the past few days we’ve occasionally felt the warmth of its rays, a welcome touch.

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