Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where people are friendly and relaxed

Yesterday I called a bike shop in the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands to reserve a bike for my husband. The man I spoke to said he needed to attend his grandson’s football game on the day we want the bike, but that someone would be around. He asked my husband’s height and said he’d leave two bikes out for him to choose from.

“Does the rental include a lock?” I asked.

“Oh no, we don’t need that here,” he said. “Our rental bikes sit out overnight and there’s no problem.”

I asked how we’d arrange payment since he wasn’t sure if he’d be around when we gave for the bike.

“Oh, we might meet up when you come. If not, maybe we’ll meet up when you return.” Although he had said we could bring the bikes back anytime that evening.

His laid-back, friendly attitude that assumed honesty and safety made me think this vacation destination is even better than it sounds. We’ll be spending three days there – doing some biking, hiking and visiting of Frank Lloyd Wright houses. I’m looking forward to it.

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