Thursday, September 10, 2009

The mysterious chocolate shop

The other day I was driving along a route I don’t usually take, running a bit late to see a friend, when I saw a hand-painted yellow and purple sign on the side of the road, directing me to a chocolate factory outlet. I’m always one to stop for chocolate, especially if it’s discounted. But I didn’t really need chocolate in the morning, and of course, I was running late.

Then came another sign – Chocolate covered blueberries. And other – On sale. Open now. This way.

I conceded and followed the arrows, turning off the road and into a small industrial park. I continued following the areas to the end of the park, where the outlet was located in a non-descript office. I give them credit for the good marketing, because not many people would make it to that place without the helpful arrows.

Inside I could see a wheel spinning and dripping with chocolate. A friendly employee offered me a sample of non-pareils, which were good.

The David Bradley chocolatier outlet looked like a standard chocolate store, though it had some unusual selections, such as chocolate covered potato chips, blueberries and marshmallows. Most items ran $15-16 per pound. The 5 oz rocky road I purchased, a bottlecap-shaped chocolate topped with peanuts and marshmallows, was delicious. An unexpected morning surprise.

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