Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Lessons from a Convict

Today I noticed that our driver, Malan, was reading a book. He rarely reads anything other than the advertisement-filled local paper or an ancient English book for schoolchildren. So the cheaply made book, covered with a sheet of light blue paper, caught my attention. I asked what it was about.

“It was written by a local man who got caught up in making easy money. He sold drugs, engaged in unethical activity and lived a lavish lifestyle. But in the end, he ended up in prison and they took away his house.”

“What kind of advice does he offer?”

“He says not to get involved in those kinds of activities. It’s not worth it.”

He told me that he knows of several people involved in the drug trade and he can tell because of their extravagant lifestyles, their frequent eating out at restaurants, and their lack of respect for anyone other than themselves.

“I used to work as a driver taking goods to Russia and on many occasions I was offered to take a few kilograms of heroine with me. They told me that I wouldn’t be checked, that I could buy myself a car with the proceeds. But I never did it. Jail here is no paradise and I didn’t want to end up there. They told me I was stupid, that I was making a miserable income. But I work like a turtle, consistently and reliably.

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