Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kyrgyz felt photos

A reader requestedd some photos of Kyrgyz feltwork. Here there are!

In order: Golden Thimble souvenir shop (Bokonbaevo), artisan at work at Golden Thimble, making a shyrdak (Osh), natural dye (Osh), the finished product (Osh).

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Alyclepal said...

Happy Thanksgiving! The blog wasn't showing any of the Nov. entries since the pics of the protesters and even though I don't know you I'd started to worry. I feel silly. Thank you sooooo much for posting these pictures!!! I very much appreciate it and am completely enraptured by getting to see these! Take care of yourself. We just moved out of a neighorhood where in the past 8 yrs we had a driveby, numerous wrecks, autotheft next door, a money robbery in which the victim (who may have be dealing) was run over by a car, and a car thru the neighbors livingroom. I can't imagine though taking the anixousness I felt in SC and adding being in a foreigh country without a lot of family support. I think you were very kind to move that man out of the street. My husband once came upon a homeless man being beaten and had to chase off the attacker at 2am. I think good samaritans are in the increasing minority. Good on you. Happy Thanksgiving and THANKYOU for the pics!!!! Lisa in NC