Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Let it Snow

November 21, 2006

Winter is here. The first snow fell today, covering the tree branches in a light layer of frost. The air became nippy, the streets slushy. It’s barely light before the workday begins and is already dark when it’s over. People have had to accept that it’s now winter. Several months to go before streets will be light and warm and full again.

Maybe the cold weather will keep some of the bad guys off the street. Some say they are people from the regions who came for the protests and didn’t go back home. I heard of three muggings in the past week alone – more than I’ve heard about in my whole time in Kyrgyzstan. One of them was one of our employees – a young man who was leaving a disco with a friend on Sunday night when they were jumped by six strangers who took their cell phones and wallets. Manas had a tooth knocked out (but was able to get it replaced). His friend is now OK, but spent some time in the hospital. I’m now going home every evening with our driver.

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