Friday, November 09, 2007

Blue Man Group

Tonight we attended a performance of The Blue Man Group. It’s been around a while and has gained quite a bit of notoriety, but I never knew exactly what they did. The concert, How to be a Megastar, was put on at a local stadium and drew quite a crowd of people willing to pay the $65-100 ticket price.

It was a multimedia show led by three men with blue, bald heads and blue hands. It involved a variety of instruments made from unique materials, artistic lighting and jokes. I didn’t bring my camera, thinking I might not be allowed in with it. But so many people had cameras and phones that one of the Blue Men indicated that people wave their lighted cell phone screens, rather than cigarette lighters. That created the odd image of many lighted consoles gleaming across the stadium, swaying back and forth.

Now into my ninth month, I’m getting to the point where I might need to soon replace my long nature walks with treadmill strolls at the gym, with a toilet nearby. While my walk today was physically difficult, the scenery is quite amazing. Many leaves have now fallen, leaving more trunks. This adds more brown to the otherwise red, yellow, orange and green landscape. Leaves float on the still water, making a carpet alongside the dirt path. People come out to photograph the geese or stop their cars to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. It’s really magnificent.

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