Thursday, November 15, 2007

Neverending Fall

Fall here is neverending and so beautiful. Now the trees that have turned color glimmer solid shades of red, orange, auburn or yellow – giant firecrackers lining the road. It’s like driving through a pointillism painting, with each leaf an individual dot.

From the window of my home office, I look out at boughs of deep red, over orange over green. I find it deeply soothing and am grateful for all the trees here. It adds enjoyment to any drive, walk or even afternoon daydream.

Today was a rainy, windy day. In the morning, I parked under a tree. When I went to retrieve the car in the afternoon, leaves had fallen onto the car and the water made them stick. All over the car – on the hood, the roof, the windows and the doors, beautiful yellow leaves clung, like an elaborate decoration. I found it disappointing to see many of them blow off with the wind as I began driving.

As we made the long descent from fall into winter, Mark and I are also preparing for a new season in our lives. There are less than three weeks to go until our due date and today, we saw signs that the process of labor is beginning. Just as the leaves explode, then fall off the leaves, our baby is now fully developing and is preparing for its descent. Whether we are ready or not, a new season is approaching in our lives.

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