Friday, May 23, 2008

A $20 Water Bottle

I admit it, I spent $20 on a water bottle. Crazy, I know, materialistic, consumeristic – you name it. It wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. I saw my yoga teacher using one. The parents on a listserv I belong to raved about their Sigg and Klean Kanteen bottles. I looked into it. Then I saw the price. No, I wouldn’t spend $20 on a water bottle.

But for some reason, I continued to want it. So I gave in and I love it. It’s so pretty. I feel like I’m carrying around a little work of art. The shape and design of the bottle is great. It’s only slightly heavier than an empty aluminum soda can and is easy to hold. Somehow, either the water tastes better, or it’s just more fun to drink. Since I received it in the mail this afternoon, I’ve filled and emptied it five times – 3 liters worth of water.

Maybe this cool bottle will improve the continuous state of dehydration I’ve been in lately - due to a little guy who drinks a lot of breast milk. Even if it doesn’t, I’m still having fun using it.

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