Monday, May 19, 2008

Our homestay family in Panama

I’m preparing to take River on a trip with me to Panama next month. The goal is to improve my Spanish. Enjoying the area is on the agenda too.

We’re planning to live with a local family in a town called Boquete, in the Western highlands. I just received information about our family today.

I’ll be staying with Lorena Sanchez, aged 48, Ronaldo Suarez, aged 54 and their son Ronaldo, aged 25. Ronaldo has a six year old son who lives with his mother. The couple’s daughter, Magdalena, lives in David, a town 45 minutes away.

The family specializes in the transportation business and owns two passenger minibuses. They also own a farm with a river, a waterfall, and cattle that the elder Ronaldo visits each Thursday. I was told I could accompany him, though it’s said to be an adventure.

But this is the part of the description I liked best:

“They only have cold water because the doctor told them that it is better for one's health. After a few times you will get used to it and you will feel how good it is to be so alive in the mornings!”

We’ll see how that goes!

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