Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Community Supported Agriculture

This is my first year joining a Community Supported Agriculture program, or CSA. I’m a member of the Cherry Grove Organic Farm. I paid $330 for a half share (supposed to be appropriate for a family of two that regularly incorporates fruit or vegetables into their diets). That entitles me to a selection of fresh produce through this growing season. Today was the first pickup date.

I looked forward to it with anticipation and thumbed through my recipe books to find items that might use what I’d pick up this week. I knew there would probably be kale, so I marked a recipe for a cauliflower-kale bake.

I drove to the farm early this evening. It is located close to a residential neighborhood, in an area where I’d imagine land prices are quite high. I turned onto the gravel driveway. As the car rumbled up toward the farmhouse I felt like I really was entering an agricultural area – kind of hard to believe since it was so close to home.

The produce was in a barn, together with a bunch of equipment. There was a big bucket of arugula next to a scale, as well as spinach and tatsoi, a green I’ve never heard of. I was also able to grab a bunch of kale.

From there, I went to the supermarket to grab the rest of ingredients I’d need. The cauliflower-kale bake is on the menu, as is an Italian penne with spicy Italian sausage and spinach. I headed home with a bunch of vitamin-packed greens to experiment with this week. Somehow, it’s much more exciting knowing that they were just recently in the dirt nearby home.

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