Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Forgotten Joy of Books

My hubby and I split the childcare duties today. I had the morning and he’s taking the afternoon. So I got to drive to a favorite bookstore and try to get some work done, surrounded by the scent of fresh-brewed coffee and chocolate cupcakes, plus the beautiful sight of racks and racks of books.

Seeing so many books reminds me of how many of them I haven’t read. I’m falling further and further behind as the months pass by. I continue to work on a single novel in Spanish month after month, reading no more than a few pages at a time. Only through audiobooks am I able to actually finish a book or two a month, to feel at least a tenuous connection remaining with the literary life.

Looking out around me, I long for the time to read all these books and to get to know some of the many magazines I’ve never picked up. For now though, I’ll just be thankful for audio books. I’ll appreciate my ability to immerse myself in a story or learn something new while cooking, while walking, while driving. I’ll be grateful for technology.

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