Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Sucker for Baby Photographers

I have to hand it to Sears. They know how to get money out of a parent. They enticed me into their photo studio with a coupon I received in the mail. I would get a free photo session, a free 10x13 print and my choice of either a large package of photos for $9.99 or two photo father’s day cards for $2.99. Either one I thought would make a nice father’s day gift, so I made an appointment, prepared to spend between three and ten dollars.

The photographer did a great job. She let him pose in two outfits and also took pictures with him just in his diaper, showing all of his dimpled fat. Before letting me look at the pictures, she enhanced several and created attractive collages. How could I look at so many beautiful pictures and choose just one? How could I reduce the varieties of his expressions and the aspects of his personality to just one?

They must have known that I couldn’t. Originally, I had no intention to go to photo studios at all. We have a digital camera and a video camera and have been able to record very nice memories on our own.

But upon looking at the results, I saw that the photographer was more skilled than I am. She was able to make my son into an art object.

I wanted the images to last, which meant I needed the digital files. $130 was the cheapest I could get them for. For that price, they threw in way more prints than I needed.

I went in with a plan to spend around ten dollars and left spending thirteen times that. I don’t regret it.

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Lainey Wright said...

and you ARE sending me a print, aren't you?...I think my fridge needs a little River-art...:)